If you're worried that someone might have a key to your home or are otherwise concerned about security, you might have thought about changing your locks. However, you can also have your locks rekeyed. This involves having the locking mechanism itself altered so that old keys won't work. Instead, new ones will have to be used.

There are certainly occasions when it makes more sense to replace your locks entirely, and yet rekeying also holds its own benefits. Here are just four reasons why you should consider rekeying instead of replacing your locks.

1. Quick Turnaround

One of the best things about having your locks rekeyed is that it can be done very quickly. There's no need to remove the old hardware and replace it with a new lock. In fact, a locksmith will often be able to complete a rekeying job in less than half an hour, so all you'll need to do is call one up and you should have rekeying completed the same day. This is ideal when you need to address a possible security breach without delay.

2. No Need to Replace Hardware

Sometimes you'll want to change the locks to improve more than just security. For example, many homeowners like to change their locks because they don't like how the old ones look. However, most times people simply want their security needs addressed, and it makes sense to keep the hardware you have in such situations. Doing so makes the whole process easier, cuts down on waste, and maintains the current look of your home. Rekeying is ideal since no new hardware is needed.

3. Lower Cost

Rekeying your locks only means changing the pins that open the mechanism. You won't need new hardware, and the process itself isn't as labour-intensive as changing locks. As such, rekeying is generally far less expensive than rekeying. If you want to address security concerns while keeping costs low, rekeying simply makes more sense than replacing your locks.

4. Customized Pin Arrangements

When you replace your locks, the new hardware is generally going to come with a pretty generic locking mechanism. That's fine for most people, but rekeying lets you improve security further by offering the option to customize the lock's pin arrangements. You can have the pins arranged for enhanced security, and you're likely to experience stronger peace of mind if you know you have custom locks rather than generic locks.

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