Leaving a spare key somewhere outside your home is a risky move, especially if you leave it somewhere obvious, such as under a nearby plant pot. However, sometimes, it is necessary. That's why 35% of Australians leave a spare key outside their home.

Unfortunately, if someone finds and takes your spare key, it is safe to assume that they did so with the intention of coming back.

As a result, you should act quickly to ensure that your home and its contents are safe. Has someone taken your spare key? Don't panic. Take the following steps to ensure your home is safe.

Step One: Call Your Insurance Provider

The first call you should make is to your insurance provider. If you are fortunate, your home insurance policy might also cover replacement locks and keys. In this case, your insurance provider may then source a locksmith for you to carry out the necessary lock changes.

Step Two: Locate a Reputable Locksmith

When someone steals your spare key, time is of the essence. They may come back at any time. Subsequently, you should call a locksmith yourself if your insurance policy doesn't cover lock changes. In this case, you will need to find an emergency locksmith who can come to your house within an hour.

You have three options as far as what your locksmith could do for you. First, you could opt to change your locks. As long as you inform your locksmith of your plans before they arrive, they can perhaps source replacement locks that will fit with the style of your home.

A more inexpensive option would be to have a locksmith rekey your locks. To do this, a locksmith alters your existing locks so that you can use a new key in them. This would obviously prevent anyone from using your spare key to enter your home while you are not home. However, not all locks can be rekeyed.

In some cases, you can request that a locksmith place an additional lock on your front door. This would stop anyone that only has your spare key from bypassing your front door. However, if the spare key opens multiple locks, it might be best to rekey or change your existing locks.

Step Three: Leave Spare Keys Somewhere Safer

If someone has already found one spare key, it is likely that they will come back to search for any further spare keys you leave out. As a result, you should consider leaving a spare key with someone you can trust rather than outside your home.

Has someone stolen your spare key? Then you need an emergency locksmith to ensure that your home and its contents are safe from would-be burglars.