If you're looking for new handles for your door, you don't have to stick with the traditional models. Rather, you may want to explore the crazier side of door handle designs, and in that realm, there are lots of possibilities. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Give Guests a "Hand" Opening the Door

Hands make a fun door handle. You can have an outstretched hand—when anyone wants to open the door, they grasp the hand as if in the midst of a handshake, and then, they pull open the door.

Alternatively, you could have the have a hand positioned in an arch shape. The heel of the hand attaches to one portion of the door, while the fingertips attach to the other part. The gap between the palm and the door allow people to grasp the handle.

You can buy door handles in these designs, or a specialist can cast your own hand for the door handle.

2. Opt for Something Slimy

If you're a fish and reptile lover, you may want a bit of those "slimy" creatures on your door. Snakes and tentacles work perfectly, as they can be shaped into all kinds of intriguing but functional door handles.

Koi fish make a beautiful handle as well. They look especially nice on double doors, where you can have the koi creating a mirror image of each other.

3. Mirror Your Hobbies

Whether you are adding handles to the front door or to somewhere else in your home, you may want the handles to mirror your hobbies. The shape of a handgun is ideal as a door handle, and if you like target shooting or stories of Outback outlaws, that may be ideal for you.

A beer stein is another option to consider. Basically, half of the stein protrudes from the door, and the handle protrudes from that. Then, you pull open the door with the stein handle.

4. Explore Your Quirky Side

There are also lots of quirky door handles that you may want to consider. For instance, you can get door handles that look like the handle of a petrol pump. You can buy handles that look like large buttons, tree branches, or antlers. Many companies can even custom make a door handle for you. Basically, the handle just needs to be something that you can grasp to pull open the door.

To learn more, contact a door handle design specialist.