When a window breaks in your house, it can cause panic. If the broken window offers and entry point into your home, you should call a glass replacement company.

The glass used in windows is tougher these days, but that does not relieve you of your duty to maintain your windows. How do you maintain them?

Check the glass

When you are free once in a while, check your window panes. If they have small cracks, they can be repaired; larger cracks may necessitate a replacement

Check the frames

You might not give much thought to the frames that hold your window in place. However, they hold the glass panes in place. Look at the following parts of the structure;

  • Putty- If it shows erosion or tenderness, have it repaired.
  • Rubber seals- If a solid frame holds the glass, the rubber seals are likely to need your attention. The rubber will weaken over time, faster if there are extreme temperature changes. Remove any dirt.
  • Weather stripping- If it is worn have it replaced.

If the pane shifts slightly on its frame, the rubber needs to be replaced. Sometimes there is a gap between the frames and the wall which came about after construction. If you notice a gap call the window repairs professionals who will seal it.

Locking mechanism

Check the latches and locks. A broken lock or latch must be replaced immediately because the wind can bang your window and cause the glass to fall off, this can lead to injury as well as further loss.

Clean properly

Ensure your windows are cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions. Always use a soft cloth to wipe your windows and use a detergent that is labeled as suitable for glass. With tinted glass windows, you must be extra gentle as they will scratch more easily. Here are some mistakes you should avoid;

  • Never pour water that is cold to a warm window, you can do this unknowingly if the window is exposed to sunlight.
  • Do not let water flow and dry on the glass, if it has any minerals or dirt, it will stain the glass.

Apart from these standard maintenance measures you need to check when it rains whether any runoff from your wall comes in contact with the glass. If it does, it will stain, a technician can divert this water.

If you make sure your windows are in good shape you will seldom need emergency glass repairs and your heating and cooling bill will not rise unnecessarily.