If you've found a used safe that is the right price but that doesn't have all the security features you want, you may need to reinforce it. Luckily, there are several things you can do to make your safe just a bit safer.

1. Reinforce the Metal Exterior

If the metal on the safe is thin, a thief may be able to cut into it. To prevent that or at least slow the thief down (so they're more likely to get frustrated and leave), you may want to reinforce the walls and door of the safe by welding thick-gauge sheet metal to it.

Also, remember to not store any metal cutting tools or blowtorches near the safe. Unfortunately, a lot of people make that mistake as they often store gun safes, in particular, in the same basement or garage as they store their tools.

2. Add New Locks

You may also want to add new locks to the safe. You can hire a locksmith to put in new locks, but if you want to do it yourself, the easiest option is to add a hasp lock. Pair that with a sturdy padlock, and your safe will be much harder to break into.

However, so that no one can rip off the hasp lock, you should reinforce it by putting a steel back plate inside the safe.

3. Replace the Hinges

If you strengthen the doors and walls and add new locks, your hinges will still be a weak point. Consider replacing them with security hinges. Once you bolt those hinges inside your safe, it will be virtually impossible for anyone to rip off the door.

4. Add Fireproofing

Safes typically come with a fire rating that indicates how long the safe can withstand exposure to fire. If the used safe you are buying doesn't have a high fire rating, you can reinforce that with some fireproofing—just add layers of fireproof gypsum board. You can put that inside the safe or between the exterior and any metal you add.

To be on the safe side, you may also want to install a fire sprinkler in the ceiling above the safe.

5. Remember Waterproofing

If you are concerned about water damage, you may also want to waterproof the safe. You can line the safe with a waterproof membrane, but you should also add weather stripping around the door. That tightens the seal so water can't get in.

For more tips about reinforcing your secondhand safe, talk to professionals like Askwith Company.