Many business owners have regretted making a mistake when a commercial locksmith arrived at their business premises in order to fix a problem, such as a safe that had jammed. This article discusses some of those things that you should never do when a commercial locksmith responds to a service call that you have made.

Not Providing Your Identification Card

Professional locksmiths usually insist on seeing the identification card of the person who has called them to fix a problem in a home or business premises. You may therefore be denied service in case you decline or are unable to prove your identity. This is because the commercial locksmith will be unsure regarding your suitability to order for the services that you have called for. It is therefore helpful for you to have your identification card available when the locksmith arrives in order to expedite the delivery of his or her services.

Signing a Blank Authorisation

You should never sign a blank work authorisation when a commercial locksmith comes to your premises. This precaution will help both parties to know what exactly is expected of them. For example, the commercial locksmith will know which type of lock to replace the defective one with. You will also know how much you are expected to pay for the services rendered. Blank work authorisations have too many unspecified issues that can create room for disagreements to arise.

Not Checking Insurance Cover

You should never downplay the importance of asking the commercial locksmith for proof that he or she has insurance cover. This is because you cannot rule out the possibility that your property will be damaged as the locksmith does his or her work. For instance, a doorframe may be damaged as the locksmith removes an old lock. His or her insurance provider can then pay for that damage. Ignoring this precaution can cause you an added expense of repairing that damaged property.

Not Asking About Additional Fees

The work authorisation referred to above usually covers the specific tasks that you have asked the commercial locksmith to perform at your business premises. The costs that you incur usually include other fees, such as mileage. It is therefore prudent for you to confirm those other fees before work commences. This information will help you to be sure that the total cost is within what you can afford at that moment.

Many of the issues in the discussion above can be avoided if you have a particular commercial locksmith that you contact each time you need his or her services. It is therefore advisable for you to select one commercial locksmith carefully so that your business relationship develops to the extent where you do not have to go over a checklist having the factors above each time the locksmith comes to your business premises.