Do you urgently require a new lock set? When you are faced with this situation, there are various locks you can choose from. Different types of locks are available to address the needs of different users. An emergency locksmith can, therefore, define what they want so that they can select the most appropriate lock-set for those needs. This article discusses some considerations that can help you to narrow down your options of lock-sets for the home.

Place of Installation

Locks vary depending on whether one wants to install them on an exterior or interior door. For example, lock-sets that are intended for installation on exterior doors are usually constructed from stronger components to provide a higher level of security than what would be typically required for an interior door of a residential property. You should, therefore, pick a lock-set after determining whether it will go onto an exterior or interior door.

The Finish

You should also pay attention to the finish of the different lock-sets before you select the ones that you will purchase. Select those whose finish matches your interests. For example, you can buy lock-sets with a brass finish in case the colour of brass will provide an aesthetically pleasing contrast to the appearance of your doors. Other commonly available finishes are matte, chrome and bronze.

The Opening Method

Locks can now be opened in a variety of ways. For example, some can be opened using either a key or a code. Others require the user to know the combination that opens that particular lock. You can also buy a lock that is opened using a remote control device. Pick the lock-set that opens in a way that addresses your needs. For example, a keyless entry system would be helpful in case you frequently lose your keys.

Extra Features

You can also select a lock-set based on what extra features that system comes with. For example, you can buy a lock-set with a privacy lock in case you intend to install the locking system for your bathroom. You can also buy a lock-set with a dummy knob if such an extra feature would be helpful for your front door. Push-button knobs are also available for emergency situations.

It will become easier for you to narrow down the list of possible lock-sets if you go to the hardware store when you have made a shortlist of what you want based on the discussion above. Hire a locksmith to install those locks properly in case you lack the skills to do a good job on your own.