When it comes to the front door of your home, your locks only provide one layer of defense, and a locksmith can help you decide which locks are best in your situation. In most cases, you want a combination of door handle locks, deadbolts, and security chains or hasp locks. Beyond that, however, you also want to consider the following elements.

Where Do You Keep Your Extra Key?

A lot of thieves come during the day. To move into your home undetected, they act like they are supposed to be there, and to that end, they may try to look like a family member or a friend. They will casually bend down, lift up the mat, and grab the key from under there.

Make sure that's not possible. If you have a spare key, don't hide it under the mat or anywhere near the front door. Instead, give it to a trusted neighbour who spends a lot of time at home and can give it to you when needed.

Are There Lights?

On the other hand, some thieves come during the night, and lights can help to stop them. Make sure that you have a light over your front door. Ideally, it should be motion activated so it goes on when thieves come.

Can You See Who's There?

Lights or not, you need to be able to see who's at the door. If you can't, you may accidentally open it to someone dangerous. At a minimum, a peep hole (a small hole that lets you see who's outside) is essential. Beyond that, you may want to talk with a locksmith or security expert about putting in a video doorbell.

Then, when someone rings the doorbell, you can check a screen to see who's there. Some can even be attached to an app so you can monitor your door remotely.

How Is Your Strike Plate?

Whether it's daytime or nighttime, a clever thief will just try to use a prybar to get the door open, and with that extra bit of leverage, your existing lock can just pop out of the frame. To make that impossible, you need to strengthen the frame.

Some people do this by putting in a whole metal frame. Alternatively, you can talk with a locksmith about putting in a stronger strike plate. They can do that for you in addition to putting in a new lock.  

For more ideas, contact a locksmith or security expert directly.