While car theft numbers are down in Australia, there are still around 140 cars stolen every day from across the country. Around half of all cars stolen are taken from the owner's residence, which means that keeping your car safe while you're at home is important.

It's become more difficult for the average criminal to steal a modern car which is fitted with anti-theft devices such as an immobiliser or an alarm. This means that the fastest way to steal a car is for them to get their hands on the keys. Here are two easy ways you can prevent your car from being stolen during a burglary.

1. Install a key safe

Most burglars spend only a few minutes in your property and if they're after your car, then looking for a set of keys is their main priority. A key safe is an excellent way to keep your keys out of criminal hands and thwart their car theft intentions.

A key safe is essentially a small version of a regular safe. It's locked and opened either via a numerical keypad or a standard safe dial. Opt for a good quality model and have it installed and set-up by a professional locksmith to ensure that burglars will be denied easy access to your car keys.

2. Install a deadbolt on your internal garage door

Breaking into a home via a timber door or a window is the preferred option for burglars, even if it's the garage and your car that they really have their sights on. This form of entry is quieter and less likely to draw unwanted attention in comparison to breaking in through a garage door which is loud and in a highly visible location at the front of your home.

To prevent the burglar from gaining easy access to your garage via an internal door, have a locksmith install a high-quality deadlock. The deadlock should be a key operated model instead of one that can be opened manually. Don't forget to store the deadlock key safely in your key safe whilst you're at home.

Preventing car theft from your home is largely about making it very difficult and time-consuming for the would-be thief. These two security measures will certainly achieve that. To have a key safe and a deadlock installed in your home, contact your local locksmith to discuss the most suitable products and to arrange an installation appointment.