When you need to have a new lock fitted, it can be tempting to simply get out your power tools, pick up a new locking mechanism, and then do the job yourself. However, you are going to be better off calling a professional locksmith.

A small job with large repercussions

Installing a door lock can be simple, but it's also quite easy to make mistakes. If you do something even slightly wrong, you might find that the lock starts to stick. That could create a minor annoyance every time you come and go, but it could also mean that you're completely locked out of your property. Even installing a lock slightly off-kilter can result in damage over time. Additionally, having to force the key can wear it down or cause it to break.

And it isn't just the lock that you need to worry about. If you install a new lock incorrectly, you can cause damage to the door, and this can lead to the need for expensive repairs.

A professional opinion

It could be that you're replacing your lock simply because the old one developed problems. If that's the case, a locksmith may be able to assess what went wrong – it could be something that you can take steps to prevent in the future. Alternatively, you could be upgrading to a new lock out of security concerns. A locksmith will be able to assess you needs and provide you with the right option – it could be that a newer type of lock is more advantageous. Regardless of why you're changing the lock, you'll have to think about everything from size, to type, to fit, so it's much easier to rely on a professional.

Additionally, you may find that only certain door locks meet your insurance requirements.  Fitting the wrong one could therefore come at a high price in the future.

Additional security advice

It isn't just advice concerning the lock itself that a locksmith will be able to provide. Most locksmiths will have developed a good knowledge of home security, so they may be able to offer some advice for additional security features, such as grilles, CCTV cameras, and fences. A qualified and reputable professional will be able to let you know when such features might be a good idea.

Create new keys

As well as installing your new lock, a locksmith will be able to make a few new keys to fit it. You'll probably be provided with two when you buy the lock, but some people need more to give to their children, or to give to someone else in case they are ever locked out. You can get new keys cut separately, but it makes sense to combine the jobs.