If you have moved into a new home or a constructing one from scratch, chances are you will be in the market for new locks. Locks come in a wide assortment of styles, mechanisms and types, which can make it difficult for some individuals to whittle down their options. As such, it is not surprising to find some people may simply choose locks for the premises based on how affordable they will be without putting other considerations in mind. In reality, the broad range of locking systems is supposed to ensure that you can find locks that will be best suited for the different security needs of your home. For instance, the locks you install on your main entryways will be distinctly different from those you choose for your interior doorways. Here are a few of the options available to you when considering new locks.


Undoubtedly, deadbolts are the most common locking systems for primary access points. The deadbolts are characterised by having a locking mechanism, which is designed to revolve on a cylinder. The cylinder is installed directly inside your door with a keyhole located on the exterior part of the door. When the deadbolt is locked, the cylinder moves into the door frame, securing the door shut.

A metallic rectangle, referred to as the strike plate, functions to ensure that the deadbolt does not rip through your doorframe in the event any pressure is exerted on your door. This mechanism is what makes deadbolts one of the more secure types of locking systems available in the market as they are not easy to tamper with or buckle due to forced entry. Moreover, if someone does not have a key, the individual will not be able to gain access to the premises.

Combination locks

These types of locking systems get their name from the more in which they are operated. To open a combination lock, you would need a predetermined sequence of letters, symbols or numbers to crack the code of the locking system. The required sequence can be input using either a rotating dial or via keypad entry.

Although previously used for safes, lockers and other forms of storage, combination locks have gradually been modified to be used as entry locks as they can now electronically operated. Combination locks are great if you are looking to eliminate the hassle of carrying keys around with you every time you leave the house. These locks also provide you with the added benefit of never having to worry about locking your keys inside the house.

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